Climb in Peace  is a professional guiding service set amidst the beautiful landscape of Spain’s Catalonia region. Catalonia’s temperate climate year round and its close proximity to Barcelona affords easy access, making it a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts! Choose among several exciting activities such as climbing, kayaking, and hiking. Together we’ll design an ideal getaway that matches your fitness ability and meets your accommodation preferences.

The area’s pristine setting naturally invokes an adventurous spirit. Famous for its concentration of top quality limestone, Catalonia boasts more than a thousand routes with varying difficulties; thereby, appealing to climbers of all skill levels. Combine your trip with a kayaking tour, and witness the unparalleled beauty of El Segre. As you paddle through the river, it’s distinct greenish hue and the surrounding mountain peaks are sure to captivate you! Want a more intimate look at the area’s unique plant and wildlife? Consider joining us on a hike. Historic sites, majestic scenic views, and an unbeatable sense of accomplishment await you at the top.

There’s so much to discover here in Catalonia! Contact us and embark on an experience of a lifetime.

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